Forget Google, go Yahoo and Bing

Google’s Latest Faulty Algorithm

Panda 2.5 must rank as the most unsuccessful of all their updates. Speculative estimates of badly affected websites lie in the 60% range. Was your site or blog one of these?

If you have been adversely affected, don’t despair, there are things you can do.

Forget Google for now:

Yes, forget Google. Right now don’t waste your money on SEO services – the next update will more than likely need something totally different and intensive SEO at this point is likely to do more damage than good! (sorry to all the SEO services and specialists out there, part of the reason for Panda 2.5 is a result of heavy SEO). Ensure the other aspects of your site are good. Money spent getting your site builder/manager (not SEO specialist) to check your website will be a better long-term investment.

Concentrate on Bing and Yahoo

Bing and YahooThere are other ways to search the net. Concentrate on the other search engines for now. Both Bing and Yahoo are much more conducive to real website quality than Google has become. They may not index all your pages, nor are they the first choice for most internet users; however with Google now serving up really poor results with shockingly insignificant term matching, a good many net surfers are likely to turn to one of these engines (I have – after getting real trash from very specific search terms these past few days, I am now using Yahoo and Bing as default Search Engines, and finding content I want).

Create accounts with Bing And Yahoo, and list your websites – don’t forget to submit a site map!

Pay Attention to Structure

Page structure – use HTML headings to separate main topics Reserve H1 and H2 headings for only the MAIN topic. Use H3 sparingly, and the rest more liberally.

Site Structure plays a role as well Structured folders play a role, especially for Yahoo and Bing. If you have a large site that has gathered a lot of content over time it may be impossible to fix. If absolutely necessary, move files and folders, and don’t forget to include 301 redirects to the new locations. Get rid of broken links. Old pages or removed pages will create a problem. Take the opportunity NOW to have Google remove these broken links from their index. Your site will take a knock, but in the long-term this will be beneficial.

Get rid of Duplicate Content

Check your websites and blogs. If you have too much duplicate content, consider re-writing it so it does not seem repetitive. This can be difficult if  a large percentage of your site is  a product catalogue, and has many versions of similar products. One solution here is to find the product pages getting lower search results, and ‘nofollow’ these repetitive pages. Rather have a single page or a few pages for these product items that is already doing well, and link to the options from these pages.

Check your outgoing links.

Links!If your site has too many outgoing links (links to other sites) it will hurt your site ranking. Ideally you want more incoming than outgoing links.

Limit the number of internal site links from each page. Rather have a visitor site map (you should really have one anyway) with a single link from content pages instead of a host of internal links from every page.

Pay attention to Readability

Spelling and grammatical errors CAN harm your site. Use a spellchecker and grammar tools. Keep language simple. Google seems to want ‘dumbed down’ content now. In any case plain language is more visitor friendly than industry jargon.

Some may argue that a search engine cannot detect grammar – WRONG! As all WordPress bloggers are aware, this platform offers these proofreading options. Technology is technology!

Get rid of Excessive Incoming Links

Get rid of excessive incoming links FROM THE SAME DOMAIN! No, this will not always be possible, but some of you will be able to do so.

Website owners who run blogs to support their website on a separate domain (you shouldn’t be using a sub domain for this anyway) can easily fall into this trap. Using a CMS platform can create thousands of links to your website in a very short time. If you have just one link to your site on your blog home page, and it appears on every page viewed. that a link multiplied by the number of pages and posts’

Including an RSS feed from your web site – even worse. Imaging 10 items in your RSS feed ON EVERY POST and PAGE – Google trawls your site and finds 100o links (if you have 100 posts) from the same domain to your site – and thinks you’re link farming!).

Your MoneyHit-Back where it Hurts Google

That’s right, hit back at Google with the only weapon they care about – your MONEY. If your site has been badly battered by Panda 2.5, PULL all your Google ads until your site recovers!

Give your money to Facebook, you won’t be sorry.

Get a New Domain

Yes, a new domain may be the fastest way to recover.


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