Pingbacks Gone

All Pingbacks Removed

Ping WordPressWith apologies to those bloggers who have linked to my content, last week I deleted all published pingbacks. This was carried out absolutely ruthlessly, using the comment filter and mass deletion tool.

As well as the pingbacks, a number of comments were also deleted, although these were given consideration prior to removal. Andything that looked vaguely spammy saw the bottom of the rubbish bin, anything that had a link to a spammy website similarly binned.

I will resume approving some pingbacks again, provided these conform as follows.


  • Genuine personal blogs. (Bloggers Note: If you refer and link to my articles in your posts without rel=nofollow code, I would much rather give your blog a genuine followable link from my blog – if I can somehow build it into the context of this blog!)

Subject to approval

  • Genuine blogs run by owner operated cottage industries as a primary source of publicity.
  • Genuine blogs operated by other owner operated small businesses. (Not necessarily limited to blogs).

Totally banned: Pingbacks from any blog or site with the following content will not be published

  • Adult websites: I have no moral objections to adult content or pornography – it’s the viewers choice; however these sites too often contain malware.
  • SEO sites: Pingbacks from sites practicing Search Engine Optimisation will not be approved – there are too many shady operators in the field (see SEO Sharks)
  • Sites promoting bigotry, discrimination, alcohol consumption and similar – I do have moral objections regarding these issues!
  • Commercial Websites – I have no interest in providing traffic to these sites, even indirectly (see exceptions below). A link to such a site or a product on the site might be mis-construed as a tacit approval or endorsement of the site or product.
  • Blogs or websites with any advertising material on the page where this blog content is linked from
  • Any website that copies content verbatim from this blog: (Content may be used if full credit is given and the original content on this blog is linked to in the HEADING.)
  • Mouse over for more info

    Mouse over

    Links to content which are hidden behind a “hover over or mouse over for related articles” similar to the example in the graphic – not on guys.

  • Similarly, links pointing to content and which have been ‘nofollow’-ed for search engines (Except those from comments/pingbacks) will also not be published.

    no-follow code sample


  • Sites selling or promoting any pharmaceuticals – Get real: I neither want nor need ‘performance boosters’, so why should I want to promote your products. And if I did I would get from a LEGAL and reputable source – a doctor and pharmacy. The better half had a good laugh at some of theses sites trying to get links from comment spam!

Quality Links Only

That’s it, I am not desperate to get backlinks to my blogs or websites. Not from splogs, low grade websites, and such rubbish. Of course links from GOOD sites with RELEVANT  content are welcome.

Links to my other sites:

Blog Links PanelWordPress bloggers, if you link to any of my sites (from the sites listed under “GRAPHICLINE’ or ‘RECOMMENDED BLOGS’), please let me know and I will more than likely link back to your blog or site too! I don’t track pinbacks on all these, or even on all content so cannot return the favour unless I find the link eventually through site stats.

Use any of the contact forms on any of my sites or blogs to send the information – and include the linked url as well.

I may link to another article, or just to your blog front page.

The Hard Measures  Taken

If anyone is wondering why this sudden and drastic action to delete the pings, It was a knee-jerk reaction to Panda 2.5 – Unecessary of course as the pings are not followed, but as said a reaction – as well as looking at content for duplications and some updating in a bit of an affort to clean up the blog.

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