Trojan Generic24 Family

Article about Trojan Horse Generic24.cgol

The previous article posted on this blog about Generic 24 Trojans elicited a lot of interest. Even more interest was shown in my removal tips for the generic24.cgol variant, posted on my website.

I thought now would be a good time to post an update. The .cgol variety seems to have died down somewhat, however it seems everyday that a new version is detected. Recent references I found include;

  • trojan generic 24 cjgk (also generic24.cjgk (20 Sept 2011)
  • trojan Generic24.BRQA 
  • trojan Generic24.BRQD
  • trojan Generic24.BRQF etc (Full list at AVG)
  • Trojan Horse generic24.TSU (21 Sept 2011)
  • trojan Generic24.BUOM
  • Generic24.BVUA (22 Sept 2011)
  • trojan generic24 pnt (12 Sept 2011)
  • GENERIC 24.CPQJ (23 Sept 2011)
  • trojan-generic24-aawj (12 Sept 2011)
  • Trojan horse Generic24.CAVY (21 Sept 2011)
  • GENERIC 24.CPQJ (23 Sept 2011)
  • Generic24.BIVS (2 Sep 2011)
  • Generic24.FLZ (05 Oct 2011)
  • Trojan horse Generic24.PYB (01 Oct 2011)
  • Generic24.ATJW (03 Sept 2011)
  • Trojan horse Generic 24.WMQ (24 Sept 2011)

The list goes on; these are from recent forums and other articles found via a search engine, from Sept this year.

There are literally thousands of similar malware trojans with the name ‘generic’

One common factor is they are generally considered hacking malware, opening a backdoor to other viruses which capture personal information from the user of an infected PC.

Again I stress the importance of early intervention should one of these trojans infect your PC.

The removal tips at the above web address can be used to fix most early infections by looking for similar HKEY references to those mentioned for FireFox

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