Dual Displays Rule

I’ve been spoilt. For the past 6 years I’ve had the benefit of dual displays. Recently I was reduced to a single monitor, and it has been a nightmare. The reason; I simply needed to use my 2nd screen on another PC.

Broken computer - image from 123rf.com


There’s been a mini flood of PC’s with problems through the office… and space here is really limited. There is just enough for the 2 LCD usual screens, and a 3rd old smaller CRT type if it’s raised up above the others, and the scanner gets put somewhere else. I also have a small workbench to the side – just big enough to take one PC box at a time. Space also had to be found for an extra 2 keyboards, and 2 more mice…

Using a single monitor

So for 3 weeks now it’s been down to working with one screen, and all of you that only have one, my heartfelt sympathies. Copy and paste between programs… switch between windows… I have got so used to doing this between 2, 3 or more visible windows it was a new experience… The mouse hand kept trying to find the app in the 2nd (missing ) display…Which was still in its usual place. A bit confusing, the eye notes a screen, but not what is going on – windows updating, windows installing, virus scanning, etc, etc. Comparing things side by side… half width windows.

Working with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Drupal or WordPress. Even completing detailed job cards becomes a whole lot more effort to switch windows, and what a waste of time – even those few seconds add up to minutes, minutes to hours over  a week or 2…

Then the other things I got used to; keeping an eye on PC performance, network activity (an early warning system that has saved many later problems by allowing me to notice unexpected activity possibly caused by malware infections); just not possible.

Back to 2

A sigh of relief today.. the last of the this batch of work completed. 10 minutes later, I had the side by side displays back working on the same machine.dual monitors

The growing pile of broken DVD writers, failed hard drives, power surge deceased power supplies, dead motherboards – dumped in a rough-tote bin to go to the electronic waste disposal dump. Spatters of solder, bits of insulation, strands of wire gone the same way.

Extra keyboards and mice back in the parts cabinet. Magnifying light pushed away where it won’t keep finding my head… Empty packaging from replaced parts in the paper recycle bag. Plastic packaging in another bag, both for the collectors who come every Tuesday morning.

Screwdrivers, cutters, trimming knives in the tool-case. Compressor (dust remover) back where it lives most of the time.

Ah, now I can get back to work. Except I really could do with a good few days away from computers! Just for a change.

Maybe this time next year.

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