From the PC Workbench

A day at the PC Workbench

Today was spent mostly at the workbench. Well, right now the bench and the desk are  much the same thing

PC insidesThis PC ended up on the bench on Saturday after a service call found too many problems to deal with on site. Virus infections, start-up problems, faulty CD writer. And who knows what the last ‘tech’ to have their grubby fingers inside it did; it was painfully slow…

OK, this is an old Celeron machine, but it’s only really used for internet and the occasional Word doc… The total size of all files to save being less than 620MB (It only has a 40GB Hard Drive…

The PC on the Workbench had an AV installed

Here we go again, useless anti-virus programs… Funny thing is, one of the discovered viruses (Kolab.dr) has a recommendation from an internet site to use the installed AV program, Spyware Doctor, to remove it. Strange then that Spyware Doc didn’t even find the bug… It took House Call (once again) to do that (and 3 other trojans Spyware Dr  didn’t discover!

So this morning I had big plans to get that PC ready, however my plans were scuppered:

  • Decided it was too much effort to unpack the test monitor (and where to put it anyway?) so shut down my machine, unplug the 2nd display, and connect that to the one on the bench. Restart my box!
  • Second step; I found the keyboard I was going to use had decided it wanted to be retired (the one used for PC’s on the workbench) …. So turn off my PC, unplug keyboard (Yep, it’s one of those non-USB ones – I only have 8 USB ports and they are all in use – plug into the faulty one, start up.. fine…
  • Save the docs and so on no problem… and all went on  a 1GB flash drive…. The owner definitely doesn’t do that much with the PC… Sometimes I clutter my drives with more than that in a day.
  • Opened CD drive manually – it won’t open otherwise.. stuck in windows CD… restart – Win does the first bits – checks things,  shuts down… try that 3 times…. Shuts down each time…
  • OK, keyboard back on my machine before I go into withdrawal from being offline for so long.
  • Go hunting for another keyboard… thats fine theres 3 in one box and 5 or 6 more in another as well as several Mac keyboards and a few Portuguese layout ones as well (wherever that carton has got itself underneath all the other cartons).
  • Shut down my box, pull out one of the cd/dvd drives from my PC, stick into other box, start-up with win disk… Ah… now it works. The buggered CD drive is drawing too much juice from the marginally underpowered 180W PSU…  So that’s one problem solved for now… although that PSU will need replacing sometime in not too distant future (The owner is on a very tight budget right now, and I don’t have any spares ‘in-stock’,  used or new).
  • OK… Windows is now re-installed on a clean fully formatted 40GB HDD. Wow, that format was fast compared to the ones I’ve done more recently.
  • Win XP installed, Service Pack 2 Installed, Mainboard drivers etc installed. And SP 3 just finished installing.
  • Next thing, MS Office then try to find where I filed the service packs for Office 2003. They are on one of the hard drives on my PC, no doubt NOT in a folder called ‘Office 2003 Service Packs’.
  • But Coffee first

That was most of my day so far…. Also managed to squeeze in the usual routine checks on my sites and blogs, usual Monday admin sort of things, wrote a small article for one of the blogs I contribute to occasionally, had a look at a site pirating content from another site, checked my e-mail accounts, had a look at Facebook updates, and oh yes, wrote this article.

Now I can leave the offending PC on the bench, get more coffee, send SMS to PC owner advising of progress, take an hour out, watch CSI, then come back here for another by hour or so, by which time it will be Tuesday…


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