Who Views Facebook Profile Scam is Back

Scam warning who is viewing facebook profilesWho is Viewing Your Facebook Profile Scam back?

This scamming app appears to be making another return to Facebook! Noticing a surge in searches for information on this scam app, I spent some time the past few days doing some research into ‘Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile’. My first discovery of this app is the subject of a post on this blog.

Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile has made regular appearances on Facebook over the past few years in several guises. The one common factor is it claims to inform Facebook members about who is viewing your Facebook profile, then after being allowed to connect to your Facebook account, it directs you to a website where you are required to subscribe to a cellphone subscription service, or provide details about yourself; cellphone and e-mail among these.

A more detailed report on my findings can be read on

Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile is a SCAM

Online ScamThe scam has at times offered a ‘link’ to a website (Copy and past this link in your browser…)
WARNING: The supposed link is a Javascript and using it to navigate to the website can result in your PC being infected with Phishing Malware

Anyone coming across the Who is Viewing Your Facebook Profile scam app should

  • Block it immediately on their Facebook page(s).
  • Not click on the link whatever you do!
  • Report the app to Facebook

I would also appreciate instances of this app being reported using one of the methods on the mentioned Graphicline webpage.  WordPress, Facebook and Twitter account owners can also use the comment form below. The linking URL will not be made public! I do not want to propagate this scam further.

My intention is to spread the warning about  this scam.

Similar Apps to Who is Viewing Your Facebook ProfileFacebook Security Icon

Any app or website claiming to be able to provide information about viewers of your profile should also be reported. This kind of information is NOT available from Facebook. Any claims that any app or website can provide this information is false; It is a scam, a phishing attempt, and criminal. Any website, app or service that has managed to access this information has done so ILLEGALLY.

Stay vigilant to protect your information and yourself, and prevent the spread of these types of malware.

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  1. It’s particularly nasty as it plays on peoples natural security concerns (cyberstalking and so on)

  2. So many people fall for this trap it’s not even funny!

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