Drupal7 Meta Tags Quick

Thanks for Drupal 7 Meta Tags Quick module

My ongoing Drupal 7 build for graphicline.co.za lacked the common meta tagskeywords‘ and ‘description’meta tags green man

These tags are not a core feature of Drupal 7 at this stage, and the intended add-on module is not yet available for production sites. Keyword meta tags are not considered vital for seo purposes; Google and other major search engines disregard them.

Meta description however is still valuable; Search engines may use the meta description to provide the snippet of information displayed in the search results.

HTML Meta Tags

With my web building background being HTML based, incorporating meta tags on every page has become habit. When I looked at the served home page (and at least one site grading service did too) the lack of keywords and description stood out from all the other (HTML) site content in its lack.

I was considering adding the meta tags manually, through php. Not impossible, but one of the whole reasons I moved the site to Drupal CMS was to have a holistic means of creating content and managing the site, so this approach was not the preferred option.

Instead, I decided to have another look at Drupal contributed modules, to see how far development of ‘nodewords’ was coming along. And did a search for anything regarding meta tags. A light at the end of the tunnel!

Meta Tags Quick Module

Evidently, a Drupal developer ‘valthebald’ had the same desire I had, to incorporate meta tags now, rather  than wait for the nodewords module to be released. Val’ went ahead and built a module to insert these tags, and I quote from the Meta Tags Quick Module download page;

“I have started this project as my personal workaround of the meta tags problem in Drupal 7. Since then, surprisingly lot of people have downloaded and use it, so now it takes more of my time than I have planned initially.”

Valthebald is a skilled Drupal developer, and has contributed several modules to the Drupal Cause, and is active in web development for customers web sites.  To find out more about these modules, or perhaps to hire Val for web development, visit http://www.valthebald.net

Additional fields:

Additional fields can easily be added to the meta content. I have since added a “Copyright” meta tag to the site.

One tag I was unsuccessful in adding was “Author” – a conflict with the default drupal author profile field prevented this from being created. One to add to the list of things to look into when time permits. The reason for wanting an Author markup tag is of course to take advantage of Google’s Authorship Markup. Drupal author profiles do not have a field to add a Plus1 link, so another workaround is required.

The required code can be placed in the “Bio” field, so no train smash. In any case a better way to include the author markup is using the link as a signature on individual articles, or in a footer/sidebar/content block.

Meta Tags Quick Improved Site Grade

website grade badgeWhat more can I say. After using meta tags quick to include the description and keywords on graphicline.co.za front page, the site immediately moved from a 92% to 96% grading with websitegrader.com before settling to around 95%. I know this grade is no more than an indication, however it is somewhat satisfying to see the grading improve as each procedure highlighted in the report is attended to. Overall, detail paid to every small aspect of a website built contributes to a holistic seo approach.

Once again. Thank you Val for this contributed module. I have a suspicion it is going to remain in use for a long time on graphicline.co.za, even after ‘nodewords’ is released. It offers a simple and practical solution to the meta tags problem. Possibly ‘nodewords’ will be more comprehensive, and may be required for a key project to come, however, graphicline.co.za remains a ‘single’ Drupal site; the installation will not be used as a multi site/multi domain management tool.

A number of modules currently installed may in the future be removed to streamline the installation, however, meta tags quick is a definite ‘keeper’

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  1. great article, Although i would like to have more control over my meta tags. So had to write my own code. Explained it here:http://mymixerone.blogspot.in/2012/11/adding-meta-tags-in-drupal-node.html , Hopefully someone can reuse it

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