Fishermans Future

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Bleak Future for Fishermen

The future for fisherman and smaller farmers looks bleak throughout the world. Is their way of life coming to an end, perhaps forever. Does a bleak future await all those who are perhaps more in touch with environment than most of us.

In the Same Boat

A video trailer for an in-production video looks at the possible bleak future these communities face. Having been a commercial fisherman in my better and younger days, in an industry that underwent massive changes 13 years ago, I would like to offer my support to the creators of this production. Visit their poject on and get the embed code for your blogs and sites too.

Well worth watching

The trailer is well produced and although brief, is well worth watching. The movie is a non-commercial production, looking for funding to complete the editing.

Bleak Future for Fishermen

Is not the usual fare for this blog. It is just something I want to share. Whether the reasons for a changing lifestyle are environmental or economic, we all need to be aware of such events.

I hope you will enjoy the trailer as much as I did



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