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Graphicline switched over from a static HTML website to a Drupal CMS system. The new look site went live at about 16h00 SAST on 18 August 2011. Regular visitors may remember we are in the process of construction a client area on the site ‘The Zone’. The Zone is the basis for the new site, and was migrated to become our main website entry point. Drupal CMS First Overview.

CMS Website Theme:

For the present a stock Drupal theme is in use for the site. Eventually I will look to a more customised style; however that is some time in the future. Before then, there is much ‘backroom’ work needed to get things working the way they are required.

HTML not replaced;

The existing html content remains in place and available. The static site will be fully indexed into the CMS Website.

While the public front is now is a CMS website, the static content is something I will continue to build on. Several new live theme demo’s are in the pipeline: As old stale themes are replaced by more up to date and attractive layouts, new premium type themes will take their place.

With the static type site aimed at the new website entry for small businesses, I will use the opportunity to demonstrate widgets and features which are more often than not Open Source.

Graphicline is positioning itself as a site management enterprise, rather than a web design or theming company. We look forward to offering a complete range of web management services, including project and content management.

CMS Website Management:

Graphicline is gearing towards building a network of developers in various areas of CMS website management; themers, coders, developers. With an eye to our priority in-house product Project Lighthouse (more soon) these contributors will be required once we launch the product next year.


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