Flash Player Plug-in Crashing

Flash Plugin Crashing

Adobe Flash Player logo

Adobe Flash Player plugin crashes in Win XP systems are usually caused by a combination of older graphics card drivers using Microsoft Direct Draw 9  (DX 9) and an up to date version of the plugin.

Assuming the actual hardware components are OK – and if the display is working they probably are, the user has a choice of two routes – driver update or OpenGL.

Driver Update Option

File-Directx9 logoThe problem can sometimes be fixed with updated drivers for the graphics card, and Win update of DX 9, that is IF the drivers can be found, and they are suitable (See note below). The biggest problem often is finding suitable new, or even older version, from an official download. Often the only available source is one of the 3rd part download sites (e.g. Cnet – which I urge everyone to stay well away from).

OpenGL Option to fix Flash Plugin Crash

OpenGL logo

A better and recommended solution is to switch to OpenGL drivers. These are often more readily available from safe Open Source download sites or even the original manufacturer’s website, and are not influenced as often by the myriad Windows updates. Switching to OpenGL has solved 99% of all flash player plugin crashes for Win XP systems using older generations of graphics cards.

My Own Problem with Flash Player Plugin

I had an old Win XP PC in the office that used an AGP-8 graphics card. Everything had been working fine, then the graphics card an (nVidia 6800 series) suddenly went faulty. I had an even older card ‘in stock’ a 5700 series, kept just for this purpose. This was duly installed, and after a hassle to find a suitable driver (in my repository of drivers – eventually), this machine was back earning its keep.

A few weeks later I was using this PC to check some web pages, and noticed one of the widgets displaying a message, Adobe Flash Player Plug-in has crashed. At the time I just assumed I had done something the browser didn’t like, and ignored it. However, this became a regular problem….

Lacking time and interest to delve deeper into the cause, it was left alone. Then finally, I decided it was time to find out what was wrong…

A new driver was found on the nVidia downloads page and installed. If you are using dual displays on your 5700 series card – DONT USE THIS DRIVER, at least not if the OS is Win XP…. It is only single display compatible. No good for the this computer as it is used with dual displays.

During the process of uninstalling this driver, re-installing the original driver, configuring the displays again, I noticed that the card defaulted on driver installation to use Microsoft’s version of DirectX instead of OpenGL. OpenGL was chosen, hardware acceleration enabled, and it works great again. Stable and definitely no more crashes. In fact it worked perfectly until the machine finally came to the end of it’s useful life and got retired.

Sometimes the most obvious solutions pass us by, in favour of expecting a more complicated solution.


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