Drupal CMS – First Overview

A first look at the installation and use of drupal CMS green logoDrupal CMS;

set up on our website as a development platform, and called The Zone, Although I am thinking about changing the title to Zone 7. (UPDATE: The development site is now our primary web site interface)

Version Installed: 7.4 Upgraded today to v7.7

(Also installed on a LAN Apache Server, along with V6 which will also be installed on a live site in the near future)

Status of Installation:

Live ‘in development’
Security update completed today
Restricted access due to a pending major configuration and feature update. (Completed)


The following is a quick(ish) look at how I felt about the installation procedures and features of the CMS. Rated on a scale from 1 to 10 with 1 being the least favourable, and 10 the most)

 Feature/Aspect Drupal 7 Drupal 6  WordPress
Ease of Installation (local) 10 10 ?
Ease of Installation (manual) 10 10 ?
Ease of  Basic Configuration 5 5 ?
Available Features (Modules) 5 10 ?
New Features in Dev or Beta 6 9 ?
Available Themes (Free) 4 6 7
Available Themes (Commercial) 5 7 8
Ease of Advanced Configuration 2 2 ?
Layout Customisation Level 10 10 ?
Ease of Customisation 2 2 ?
Content Creation 7 9 ?
Wysiwig Text Input 6 6 8
Image Inclusion in Body Content 2 2 5
Language Input (English – UK) 0 0 ?
Ease of Customisation 2 2 ?
 Documentation 2 2 5
For System Developers (Written) 10 10 10
For Users (Written) 8 8 ?
For Users (Video Tutorials) 8 8 ?
Required Learning Curve 10 10 ?


  • Installation: Both manual and Fantastico tested on live site server… Both easy and trouble free.
  • Configuration: Rating based on how intuitive it is for a first time user (with technical background) to set up For anyone without any technical ability or familiarity with web design – DON’T – get someone to do it for you.
  • Available Features: Optional add-ons available. A comprehensive range for v6 with many in development for v7. Hopefully some of these development projects for v7 will be in stable release shortly.
  • Themes: While many themes are available, there is much similarity between most of them.
  • Customising Appearance: Highly customisable, but not at all easy for a first timer.
  • Content Entry. A fair selection of Wysiwig content editors, some are lousy, and some are very difficult to get working satisfactorily.
  • Image use. Awkward! With a lot of configuration settings it gets easier.
  • Documentation: Excellent reference material for the system manager, (a pure user will have to give their opinion on docs for users – I’m a tech-head) A very full range of video tutorials (Usually I dislike these things, but have found several useful.)
  • Finally, Learning curve… I rated this from a very personal viewpoint – IT IS STEEP! Many readers may want to replace the 10 with a 0. Learning the ropes has been and continues to be totally absorbing, and thoroughly enjoyable. A good exercise for the grey matter!

Comparing to WordPress (The ratings refer to WordPress.org self hosted installations) All the “?” are there as I have not yet undertaken the installation. So any ratings refer to WordPress.com hosted system. I am really looking forward to installing WP on my domain server.

Finally, Comparing v6 to v7. v6 has a far wider range of stable features, especially workflow functions, which are still totally lacking in v7. But then v6 has been around a lot longer. Inevitably, I will probably have to use 6 to build one of the projects in the pipeline, hence the dual installations on a local LAN testing server.

In fact, v6 is somewhat easier to configure than 7!

Well, thats all so far. As the build proceeds no doubt further comments will be relevant.


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