Stage One in Progress

Graphicline Frontpage Image

Graphicline Frontpage

Today I began the first stage of the upgrade

The past 5 days have been great fun… assembling Drupal on a local Apache installation, going through the thousands of modules, and finding the ones needed.

Then getting the app assembled, and testing it… and still a lot to do… It has been several days of learning new things all the time (Oh YES!!!) and very absorbing. Great fun.

Today, on schedule, I decided it was time to do the domain hosting upgrade to allow deployment of this app… and can happily say that has been accomplished… with MySQL and MyPHP installed. Now just waiting for Afrihost (the domain is on a shared server) to enable SSL and one or 2 other things…

Over the following few days I will finish the Drupal configuration, and upload to the server. Hopefully that will be problem free too.

Then I can start one or 2 small projects before moving on to installing the next required app – WordPress. And I’m really looking forward to that process as well.

Thanks top all the readers who have left comments. I will get to them!.. But right now it’s back to the task in hand.



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