Project – Mystique Template Look-Alike

Our Latest In-House Project is a Look-Alike HTML/CSS Websitecss template badge Template Matching WordPress “Mystique”

We require a page on our website to be similar in appearance to this WordPress Blog which uses the Mystique template.

The template we are working on is not a port of the WordPress template, rather a new write based on one of our existing pages. The aim is to produce a page that is very similar in appearance, yet is purely HTML and CSS based. We have called this ‘Project Mystiquated’.

Template In Progress

The page in progress can be viewed here. This page/template uses CSS2 layout, and CSS3 Main Navigation Menu, with graphics matching this blog. HTML Doctype is ‘4, strict’

Please note the template and page are not yet complete, and are a live ‘page in progress’

Disqus commenting has been integrated for our use. It will be up to users to decide whether or not to use this system or another.

Once completed, the template will be released licence free to use, with header and background images matching “Mystique”. The release will be for Developers, to adapt and modify for their own requirements. Working knowledge of CSS2/3 will be required.

Template Image

Browser Support:

Later browsers that can render CSS3: The Template is being tested for full compatibility in Firefox 3.6 and later,  and Chrome 12. IE 8 does not render the full CSS3 styles, but is otherwise supported.

Development of Mystiquated Ended.

Graphicline’s development of Mystiquated has ceased apart from updates to the pages used on our own website. We have not yet however made a download package available.

The template is only available as a beta version for skilled web builders to adapt and modify. Please contact us if you wish to make use of this template. However we urge anyone wanting to use an HTML version of Mystique, to download it from Digitalnature’s Website.

Official Mystique HTML Template Available

Digitalnature, developers of the Mystique Template for WordPress have now released an official HTML version. Download Mystique HTML version. The official Mystique HTML theme template closely matches the WordPress theme in appearance.


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