8ta 3G package First 24 hrs

8ta 3G package – The first 24 hours:8ta 3G checkmarked image

So Far so Good: We took up the 10GB/ promo offer yesterday: Initial impressions: Very Good!

Answering the first question raised: (See 8ta Challenges…) regarding ‘Shaping’; It is confirmed that the data is unshaped, quote “Use as you want”. So with one of the most important aspects acceptable, it was all systems go for the take-on.

The Sign-Up Experience:

Thanks to ‘David’ one of the 8ta consultants at Telkom Clearwater branch office, who proved knowledgeable, professional and friendly, the process was smooth and as pleasant as filling in documents can be. First off, David checked to make sure our premises fell within the existing coverage area (Most of SA metropolitan areas are covered at this time). Then 2 paper documents needed to be completed, and the rest was all done online. The sign up experience gets a definite ‘Thumbs Up’. Thanks David!


Plug and Play – Plugging the new Huawei E1820 Modem into a free USB port, Huawei E1820 Modemit auto-ran and within a few minutes was installed and working, not even requiring a Windows re-start to complete the process (Although a restart is recommended after adding new software or hardware).

The only hiccup was of my own doing, as initially I used the same USB port that was seen by windows as the 3G connection for a Vodacom modem, and that caused a conflict. So just use a USB socket that hasn’t been used for any other 3G modem, and no problems can be anticipated.

Another point to note: The modem did not like the USB cable I used… and needed to be plugged directly into the socket. But I suspect this is due to the cable – an old thin one that was the first at hand, not anything else. (I will ‘dig out’ a better quality cable and try that.)

9540kbpsSPEED TEST:

The first speed test (A 26MB download from Google’s Server); Speed up to 9540kbps. Looking good.

Second test, conducted this morning at 08h45 SAST. Download of Windows XP Service Pack 3 network installation package. 6 Minutes and a few seconds for 312MB. at up to more than 10000 kbps.

So clearly 8ta is not compromising speed with this promotional package.

NOTE: Speed depends on the modem used. Older and slower modems will not deliver the maximum! High speed modems are available at good prices from 8ta.

In Summary:

After the first day, I am sufficiently satisfied to conclude: This package is good value for money and so far has worked well. On that basis, and because this is a limited time price promotion, I will recommend it to anyone looking for a decent amount of data, and a fast internet connection.

For Now, Telkom and 8ta get a THUMBS-UPThumbs Up Smiley

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