Time to Pay the Rent

Time To Pay The Rent:

Pay The Rent

No Rent Dodgers Live Here

It has been a busy few days; along with embarking on an overdue update of our website front page and DTP section, working on getting our joint service with Intelligent Verbatim in place,  preparing an upcoming Preview/ Review of  a new product/service just released by Telkom SA, which promises to at last bring affordable 3G internet connectivity to the South African marketplace (first preview shortly) the rent has to get paid:

Last minute job received on Friday evening around 23h00 (yes, I was still in the office at that time) – MUST BE COMPLETED by Monday 08h00….

So It’s Time To Pay The Rent:

Busy Busy

Busy Busy

That’s the reason there have been no new posts or updates for the past few days.

To all those who have left comments which are awaiting my attention – I will get round to reading them and answering… Soon!

Mike Otgaar


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