8ta Challenges Other 3G Service Providers

South African Service Provider 8ta Releases Industry Leading 8ta graphic3G Package

The internet connectivity price war heats up as 8ta (mobile division of Telkom South Africa) releases a 10GB (or 10+10) internet data package. See 8ta Webpage

This moves offers to bring affordable connectivity to the bandwidth and data traffic starved SA consumer.

It is not our policy to recommend any product we have not tested, however, this package is significant and worthy of mention.

We have several questions that at this time remain unanswered: What data speed (bandwidth) is provided,? Is this data ‘shaped’? we will endeavour to find the information in the next week.

Should these answers, especially the ‘shaping’ question be satisfactory – i.e. UNSHAPED – we will be taking up this offer, and will bring a full review once we have used it for some time…


Amith Maharaj, managing executive of Telkom Mobile, says consumers have expressed concern about the cost of mobile data and he believes 8ta’s aggressive new pricing will help win over those customers.

“Price has seemed to be the barrier to entry until now,” Maharaj says.


A quick price comparison of the various ‘special offers’ currently available in SA:

Standard data After hours data Price Basic Cost/MB Lowest Cost
8ta 10GB + 10GB 10GB 10GB R299.00 R0.0190 R0.0140
8ta 10GB 10GB R199.00 R0.0190 R0.0190
Vodacom 2GB + 2GB 2GB 2GB R149.00 R0.0730 R0.0360
Cell C 5GB R299.00 R0.0580 R0.0580
Cell C 2GB 2GB R149.00 R0.0730 R0.0730
MTN 2GB 2GB R149.00 R0.0730 R0.0730


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