Does Technorati Sell it’s Subscriber E-Mail List?

Does Technorati Sell it’s Subscriber E-Mail List?technorati_button

While working on the custom buttons just released (see post) I had to create a Technorati account: Since then (4 days ago) the number of spam mail received at the e-mail addressed used to create the account has increased by 800% (8 times) Not too much of a problem, as this mail is only used for such things.

However, is it just co-incidence, or does this site sell or otherwise make available the e-mails of account holders?

In any case, I decided not to include the site in the range of buttons offered. I intensely dislike websites covered in flashing adverts that demand attention, pop-ups that won’t go away, and which open numerous further pop-up windows if clicked…. And there appears no EASY way to delete the account…  Also not a problem, I’ll just change the testing mail account I use – (nice when we admin our own mail servers and faster than trying to sort out t-rati)



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