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iCloud logoiCloud from Apple:

Steve Jobs announced the anticipated release of Apple’s iCloud today.

Once again, Apple set the trend in the IT world, this time with a bulk online storage facility, which Apple claims will seamlessly integrate into  Apple devices and applications:

  • iOS5 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • iTunes (still the only player I use regularly – all the time)

iCloud provides online storage for 5GB of documents and personal files, IN ADDITION to purchased iTunes music, apps and books.

iCloud will work with both Apple OS X and Windows!

What a Pleasure! Now if only us online users down here at the bottom of Africa had DECENT and AFFORDABLE internet bandwidth a and unlimited data traffic to make use of such services…

And I really want one of those new G5 MAc Pros….

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  1. Thank you! We only recently started adding links to stumbleupon, so it’s great to know our efforts aren’t wasted. We do try to make our posts interesting to a wide audience; something for ‘geeks’ like myself, and also for everone else.

    Regards, Mike

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