Support for Corel Draw to end

Graphicline DTP will cease all support for Corel Draw.

Since our inception in 2007 (see article; Graphiline turns 2), Graphicline has provided support for Corel end of the road image“.CDR” format files.

9 months ago we undertook to begin a rationalisation programme, and have been examining our operation to identify unprofitable areas of service. Providing finished work in CDR format was quickly noted as a loss making service. In brief, after 2 version upgrades from 12 to X3 to X4, it was apparent the purchase of  X3 had not yet paid for itself.

In total the amount of work output in CDR format was less than 0.1% of all production. Also of note are the following; typically a job for cdr output was found to be taking longer to prepare than one undertaken using our standard all Adobe workflow. Continual problems with PDFs (especially from work containing vector graphics) created from these applications were also of concern, and required additional time to bring up to our high standard.

In January this year, as an interim measure aimed at continuing to offer this file format to the very few clients requiring this, we introduced a substantial premium on our rates (of 50%).

However, this was strictly a short-term measure, and with version X5 now being required to stay current, we took the decision to end all work created in Corel Draw, and to dispose of the software while it still had a residual market value.

At least for now, and until our customers have made provision to locate an alternative service provider, we will continue to accept material in CDR format (version 12 or earlier only), provided it can be readily and successfully converted to Adobe Illustrator.

We have also placed a limit on accepting PDF files created in Corel. Any PDF containing OPI information will no longer be accepted under any circumstances. We will only accept PDFs created in this application that fully meet the X1a or X3a standard as pre-flighted in Adobe Acrobat Pro CS2 or later, or a similar printing industry standard pre-flight application e.g. Flight Pro.

Mike Otgaar


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