SPAMMING FOOL: “Stevie the Spammer”

Spam cartoon

Spam, we all get it

E-mail ads for useless unwanted items, medication which is neither needed nor legal to buy online, requests to ‘help me get money’ invest in your country’ (although those are usually phishing attempts to get your bank details (with PIN and password) so your account can be emptied, brainless comments on your web site or blog….

This last one reminds me of a particularly sorry spammer, calling himself “”… Poor Stevie (what adult uses the diminutive form “ie” of his name) spends his time making inane comments on blogs and websites, but lacks the courage to use a real e-mail address. do a domain search for ‘’ – the domain doesn’t exist!  Using A false e-mail address, well, anyone can do it… so you’re not even being particularly clever…

Come on “Stevie” if you have something to say, make it a 2 way conversation.  You may even get over your extreme loneliness and insecurities.

Or perhaps “Stevie” just get his kicks from spamming others….

Dealing with spam: We will be bringing a full article on this subject with examples in the near future

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