Phishing Apples – Latest Trojan Attacks:

Phishing Apples – Latest Trojan Attacks:Black apple with Bite

This might well be the first real security threat that OS X has seen.

A new version of the previously identified MAC Defender malware. The new variant, just like the previously identified “Mac Security” version, is an updated version of the original malware, re-branded as “Mac Protector.”

Has Apple Mac finally come of age? Sad but true; the rise in popularity of Macs among day to day consumers would inevitably result in ill-intentioned persons targeting Mac OS X.

Even sadder, all professional Mac users will eventually have no alternative but to install performance hogging malware protection software. No doubt the Anti Virus Software Companies will be laughing all the way to the bank!

At least Mac users have the benefit of hardware and an operating system that caters for up to 64GB RAM. (Windows users with 4GB RAM* as standard please cry outside). And a memory management system that efficiently allocates RAM to applications, and doesn’t need a restart to clear the allocation when the application is ended!

*(For all the Windows based PC users drooling with envy at the thought of more than 4GB RAM, Graphicline offers an exclusive range of Top-End Windows Workstations, all with a minimum of 16GB of RAM, dual 4 core or XEON CPU’s. Custom built to order only, and only available in South Africa).

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